Taking Stock, Creating Options

Military members often live by the manta “Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast” as a way of saying if you approach a task too quickly you’ll often make mistakes and have to repeat it several times to get it done right. How many professionals today are burned out and frustrated, have negative relationships with their superiors, subordinates, and even their families at home? How many of these efforts are a result of moving too fast through life?

I’ve recently decided to take some time to think, read, run, and relax as I consider my options moving into the future. My family is with me, and we’re going through this together as a team. My goals for the next eight weeks are to carefully consider what has gotten us to this point and how we can move forward in a way that provides for our wants and needs while achieving significant personal and professional development.

I’ll also work hard–in service and love for family members in need. This won’t be a vacation–it’s a vocation and step forward towards a bright future.

– June 2014


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