Success Stories

Today we are training aviators from all over the world to fly the C-130 Hercules. One group that we are excited to see are our partners from Iraq. As was mentioned in the World Tribune:

“These crew members will form the backbone of this new capability, serve as leaders in training new personnel and will positively shape the future of the Iraqi Air Force,” Deputy Air Force Undersecretary Heidi Grant said.”

One issue that we’ve dealt with is having a small team of instructor pilots to teach a growing number of students. It’s a balancing act between mission requirements and instructor fatigue. It’s not easy, but we trust our instructors to communicate through a simple but effective operational risk management tool. If the self-identified factors are too high we take that instructor off the flying schedule.

We use the AESOP model, considering:

  • Aircraft
  • Environment
  • Situation
  • Operations
  • People

I’ve found that the people dynamic is the most important. By listening to our instructors and giving them every opportunity to set their own personal limits, we’ve optimized safety and our efficiency.


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